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10 Important Tips On How To Know it’s True Love

10 Important Tips On How To Know it’s True Love

What does love feel like? It can be described in various ways as everyone has their own perspective of love. Most importantly, true love is rare and special. We often might confuse true love for a strong attraction to someone, or worse, mislead true love for something else. Love can be especially difficult to identify if you have never been in love before, although it indeed is a very powerful feeling. An online dating user decided to share his advice and signs on how do you know if it’s true love:

When you know you are in love

I have been in love 3 times. I can spend hours describing love and how to find true love out there…Nonetheless, love happens when you least expect it, at least that is what happened to me. My first love was not mutual and left me heartbroken for a lot of years, my second love was mutual, however, it was a very toxic relationship. Finally, the third time I fell in love, I knew right there and then that it was true love and meant to be. There were several signs proving my feelings, here is are the signs of true love:

When you know you are in love

I will try my best to explain what is a true love between a man and a woman.

1. You feel happy

You feel happy

This is one of the first signs of true love. You are thankful everyday for meeting this person and having the opportunity to be in each other’s lives. You might smile, laugh, and generally be in a good mood more than usual, and this due finally being in love with the right person.

2. You feel what they feel

Your mood strongly depends on your significant other when you are in love. If the person is happy and smiling, then, you naturally feel the same. The fact that your person is joyful and pleased makes you satisfied and radiant. Consequently, if your soulmate is going through a rough time and is feeling down, you also feel upset and your heart hurts at the thought of your partner being hurt. In true love, you can never feel happy or even normal when your person is upset.

3. You are willing to put effort no matter what

You are willing to put effort no matter what

It doesn’t matter how complicated things are between the two of you at the moment, you always find yourself putting in as much effort in the relationship as possible. The thought of losing that person makes you sick to your stomach. In true love, all you want is for the other person to feel special and cared for and you will go above and beyond in order for it to happen.

4. You can trust your partner

Trusting someone is never easy and sometimes it can take months or years for a person to earn your trust. Although in true love, you simply find yourself able to completely trust your partner no matter what. The thought of them cheating on you never even comes across your mind. You respect their space and they respect yours, but at the same time, you always miss each other when you are apart.

5. You never question yourself when you know you are in love

When you are in love with the right person, the thought of whether there is someone else better for you out there never comes to your mind. You know that this person is your soulmate and that’s all it is. Becoming single or breaking up with them for someone else is definitely not in the back of your mind when you are experiencing true love.

6. Your partner is the only one you want to impress/flirt with

Your partner is the only one you want to impress/flirt with

Flirting can indeed be your go to in social situations, especially if you have been single for a long time. It can benefit you in a lot of ways: from getting free shots at a bar to getting promoted at your workplace. In true love, you no longer want to flirt or impress anyone but your partner. He/she is the only person you care about and want to spend your time with.

7. Your partner inspires you

Your partner inspires you

In true love, your significant other is your source of inspiration. You constantly feel like improving yourself for him or her. It can be in any shape or form, such as taking up a new hobby, visiting a library, joining a gym. Your partner encourages you to become a better person and you do the same for him or her. Both of you will always strive for better. If you are a fitness single these are the best dating site to find a partner that shares your interest. 

8. You know they love you for who you are

With the right person, you never feel the need to hide your odd habits or getting rid of your “ugly” laugh when you spend time with him or her. Your partner loves you for who you are and you never have to pretend to be anything you are not around them. Here I find a list of best LGBT online dating site if you interested in it.

9. You have a future together

You have a future together

The two of you already have plans for your future together depending on the stage of your life. It could be moving in together, getting married, or having kids. You want to spend the rest of your life with that person knowing he or she is The One.

10. You are always there for each other

If you are wondering how to know that it’s true coming from a girl, then read on. When you are in love, you will do absolutely anything to satisfy and make your partner feel better. If your partner calls you at 3 am because he or she can’t fall asleep, you will get up and go over their place no matter how tired or sleepy you are. Being on the phone for hours because your partner is having a bad day is absolutely not an issue for you either. Your partner will do the same without any hesitation. When it’s true love, you always make sure you do everything you can for your partner, no matter how time- consuming or difficult it can be for you.

I hope you enjoyed reading my advice on how do you know if it’s true love. It is a beautiful feeling and I genuinely hope each and every one of you will experience it someday. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to comment below. Good luck and lots of love to you all!

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10 Important Tips On How To Know it’s True Love

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