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8 best tips on how to pick up older ladies

8 Best Tips on How to Pick Up Older Ladies in 2017

Older women dating comes with pros. They have a lot of life experience and you can always learn something new and be a better person. Older ladies are more mature and serious than younger women, but they could also be fun!  If you are looking for a serious relationship, dating older women could be a great idea. An online dating expert wanted to share his advice on how to get a cougar and score yourself a nice older lady.

“I never really considered dating an older woman until 2 years ago. I always went for younger women or ladies who were the same age as me but that’s it. Dating an older lady sounded a bit strange to me and I assumed they wouldn’t like me anyway. However, sometimes I would catch myself thinking, “Do older women like younger men?” One day I decided to give it a try and created an online dating profile. That is how I met Maria. She was beautiful on all of her photos and her profile was very interesting. I sent her a message despite the fact that she was 15 years older than and never regretted it once. She is kind, funny, ambitious and very outgoing. We are now in a happy long-term relationship. I believe this was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. Perhaps, it could be yours too. And that’s why I decided to share my tips on how to pick up older ladies.”

How to meet old women in your area

How to meet old women in your area

“There are a lot of old ladies who have plenty of free time and are up for a good time or a relationship. All you have to do is find the right place and you will definitely meet them.

  1. Online dating sites 

    Online dating sites

Well, this is the easiest way to meet a nice older lady. Create a profile on one of the online dating platforms and set your settings for women of older age. You will then receive suggestions based on your criteria and only women who are interested in younger men will show up.

    2. Classes


If you have a hobby or there is something you would like to learn and explore further, why not use this as an opportunity to meet a nice older woman with similar interests as you? Older ladies have a lot of free time and often take classes such as cooking, poetry, fitness classes, and many more other ones. Go ahead and do your research, I am sure you can find an interesting class or activity in your area.”

   3. Coffee shops

Coffee shops

Older women love spending their free time sitting in cozy coffee shops and enjoying a cup of coffee. Next time instead of working at home, take yourself and your laptop to a nice coffee shop in your area. It is always nice to switch up your routine and who knows, maybe you will spot a nice older woman there.”

   4. Parks and hiking trails

Parks and hiking trails

“Enjoy a nice sunny day at the park or go for a hike. A lot of older ladies enjoy spending their day outside walking around or sitting in the park. Hiking is also a common activity among older ladies. Most of them want to be active and often go for a hike or a run. Skip the gym and go for a nice jog or hike and see if you meet any older women during your little adventure”.

How to pick up a cougar

The age group for cougars is usually 35-40 plus. Generally, they use a good amount of makeup to make themselves look younger and more desirable to younger men. Women become more confident with age and cougars typically have a good posture, are relaxed and have no problem with making eye contact with you. If you have spotted a woman and some of the signs match, then she might be just what you are looking for:”

    5. Let her know that you are interested

“If you have noticed her at a bar or other social event, begin by making eye contact and see how she responds. You can also smile at her and if she smiles back, go up to her and start a conversation and offer to buy a drink. If you have met her in a class or online, you can start off by making a small talk and flirt with her. More about this here”.

    6. Be honest

“Know what you want and be honest with yourself and the lady. If you are just looking for sex with no strings attached, don’t ask her out on romantic dates or other activities that couple would do. And of course, if you are looking for a relationship, don’t suggest ending the evening at your place as this will most likely give her the wrong idea. Older women value honesty. They have had enough failed relationships and don’t need any more drama or complications. Be honest about who you are and don’t pretend to be someone else to impress her.

  7. Be trustworthy

Avoid playing games with older women. Playing hard to get or canceling plans the last minute is not a good idea. Old ladies are looking for a reliable and consistent man.

  8. Be prepared for rejection

“Unfortunately, not everyone we are interested in will feel the same about us. The woman could very well be married, different sexual orientation or simply not interested in you. If she rejects you, be mature about it. Don’t get mad or call her names. Politely excuse yourself and move on with your day”.    

I hope my dating advice on how to pick up older ladies or a really good woman was useful. It is extremely important to behave appropriately when approaching an older lady. I would love to read your comments, suggestion or your own relationship stories. Best of luck!”

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8 Best Tips on How to Pick Up Older Ladies in 2017

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