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Step by step instructions for finding love on AsiaCharm in 2018

AsiaCharm Dating Site













  • Easy Sign Up
  • Big User Database
  • HTTPS protection
  • NO Staff Profiles


  • There are paid functions

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Two months ago, I did something I could never have imagined and married a woman I had met on the Internet. For a long time, online dating was just a fun game for me. I used Tinder and other dating apps to find company for the evening without ever expecting a real relationship at the end of our liasons. But a year ago I came across several reviews, written by the members of this dating site. At that point, I had never heard about dating sites focused on a meaningful relationship before. So I wondered whether these sites were for real.  

After spending an evening reading these reviews, I created an account and, tpo my utter surprise, my love story soon took off.

I truly hope that these step-by-step instructions for finding love on this dating site will help you meet your soulmate.   

What is Asia Charm? is a premium international dating site with active members in 30+ countries. Heterosexual singles from all around the world join this site hoping to find lifelong partners as this dating platform focuses on a meaningful relationship. If you’re using dating sites to find a casual affair, you’ll probably waste your time and money here. But if you dream of meeting your soulmate, then you’ll have all chances to succeed.

Although this site is available in many countries, it enjoys the greatest popularity among Asian women. Of course, you can also meet here ladies from the U.S., Canada, and Australia. But frankly, you have a higher chance to start a relationship with a sensuous Asian woman on this site.

AsiaCharm has a large membership base that grows by the hundreds every day. That’s why it’s a great choice for lonely hearts who are looking for someone who shares their values and interests, regardless of national background, and isn’t really an option for those who want to find a romantic partner locally.

Here is a portrait of the typical lady you can meet on AsiaCharm:

  • She is an Asian woman in her late 20s to early 30s who dreams about meeting a decent guy with integrity.
  • She is ready to settle down and wants to become a wife and a mother.
  • She is willing to start a long-distance relationship and ready to leave her country to be with the man she loves.
  • She is well-educated and has a successful career. So she has enough money to invest in the search for her “one and only”.

So does she sound like someone who could be the love of your life? Don’t waste your time and join this site!

Step 1: Create an account

There is no filtration applied to newbies on the Asia Charm dating site. So, if you are a man who has an Internet access, you can join the site for free.

The registration procedure here is fast and simple. Visiting for the first time, you see a sign-up form you need to fill in to become a member. 


The sign-up form includes the following fields:

  • Your and your partner’s sex. Here you have a choice of “Man Seeking a Woman” and “Woman Seeking a Man”. There are no options for homosexual singles.
  • Your name. It’s your log in. You can enter any name here, but I recommend using your real one.
  • Your date of birth.
  • Your e-mail address. Enter a valid address because you will be required to confirm it. This information will be available only to the site administration. Other members won’t see it on your profile.
  • Your password. Make some time to create a secure password. If you decide to stay on this site, you’ll probably be making payments here. So do your best to protect your bank details.

As you can see, this site allows you to keep your privacy. You’re not required to give the site administration information about your last name, real address, and phone number to join AsiaCharm.
After filling in the sign-up form, you need to agree to the Terms of Use, Risk Notice and Privacy Policy and then click on the Register button.

Once you’re done, you will receive an automatic e-mail from the site. Clicking on the orange button in this e-mail, you’re finishing the registration procedure and making your account visible to other members. So that way, they can send you messages and e-mails.

Confirming email at asiacharm

Step 2. Complete welcome questionnaires

When you log in for the first time, you’re asked to complete two welcome questionnaires. It seems annoying, especially if you’ve been using simple dating apps like Tinder, where you’re not asked to fill in your profile. But don’t rush by skipping them. is a dating site where you are matched with other members based on compatibility. Providing answers to these questionnaires, you’re not only filling in your profile, but also giving the site’s matching algorithms necessary information to produce compatible matches for you.

So if you are a divorced man in his late 30s who want to build a meaningful relationship with a 25-year-old woman who doesn’t have children, you’ll see those 25-year-old beauties in your matches who are willing to communicate with a divorced guy.

The first welcome questionnaire collects information about your perfect date and relationship expectations. Here you can also specify the height, weight, and body type of the woman of your dreams.

Complete welcome questionnaires at asiacharm

The second questionnaire contains questions about your personality. Here you can describe your appearance, specify your marital status, religion, level of education, occupation and so on.

Complete welcome questionnaires

Also, you have the option to skip all criteria that don’t matter. And if something changes in your dating preferences, you will be able to edit your answers in your profile settings.

Step 3. Upload a photo

At the end of the second welcome questionnaire, you will be asked to add a photo. I recommend uploading a picture of good quality in which you look like your real self since the goal is to ultimately meet in person.

Upload a photo at asiacharm

A man with a profile picture gets much more attention from the site’s ladies than a man who has skipped this step.

Watch step by step guide how to Sign Up to –

Step 4. Buy a subscription

Congratulations! You’ve finished the process of account creation and become a full member of the Asia Charm dating site.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this review, this site is a premium platform which means that it uses a paid subscription model. And that’s what enables it to attract men and women who are serious about relationships because only they are ready to invest serious time and money to meet their soulmates. So, the paid subscription is a kind of filtration this site applies to its members.

Now AsiaCharm offers only one membership plan. It costs $9.99 and gives you the status of a Premium member for an unlimited period. It’s comfortable as you don’t need to renew your subscription monthly, quarterly or annually like on most dating sites. But merely buying this subscription is not enough to start and develop a real relationship on this site.

AsiaCharm offers its members many interesting services, but they have to pay extra for most of them.

So what do you get for your $9.99?

  • All features available to free members – the ability to use each search tool, play the Faces game, give your Likes to other members, and browse their profiles.
  • Ability to read all incoming correspondences for free.
  • 20 credits to spend on the site’s services (all prices are set in these “credits”), including live chatting, sending mail, and ordering the delivery of real flowers and gifts to ladies across the ocean.
  • Full access to your statistics. Being a free member, you can only see how many people are interested in you, but after buying a subscription you can also get the names of your profile visitors and those who have added your page to their Favorites.  

Full access to your statistics at asiacharm

I should warn you right off that you’ll spend your first 20 credits very quickly. This amount of money allows you only to send two e-mails to different women or spend 10 minutes chatting with one of them.

In which case, you’ll need to have more money on your account in order to get a relationship going with the ladies on this site.

Here are credit packages you can buy once you’ve spent your first 20 credits:

  • Package 1: 20 credits  for $9.99
  • Package 2: 50 credits for $28.99
  • Package 3: 125 credits for $64.99
  • Package 4: 250 credits for $99.99
  • Package 5: 750 credits for $214.99

I recommend purchasing Package 4 or Package 5 to feel free on this site because your chats will get interrupted once you run out of money. And it always seems to happen when things get exciting!Get credits at asiacharm

You can pay for the subscription and buy additional credits by clicking on the orange Get Credits button on the righthand side.


As you can see, the prices for the site’s services are rather high. That’s why the AsiaCharm team regularly offers its members various discounts and special offers.

And, nevertheless, the experience you get is worth this money. Let’s explore what you’re paying for.

Step 5. Use search tools to find women you want to chat with

Frankly, you can flip steps 5 and 4 as you won’t need to be a Premium member to use great search options the site offers. They are free. Now they include a simple search, an extended search and a fun Faces game.

A simple search allows you to get links to the profiles of ladies of a certain age.

Using an extended search, you can apply additional filters, including the level of education of your potential date or her marital history.

Use search tools to find women you want to chat with at asiacharm

You can also set up the search engine to find ladies who are online now and/or those who have passed the verification procedure and proven their identities.  

The last search tool is called Faces. The coolest thing about it is that it skips all the nuances and concentrates on what some guys care most about, which is looks. Clicking on the Faces tab, you’ll be able to flip through the pictures of random ladies that you can Like or skip. If you choose to Like one, she will see your name in her stats. And if you can’t wait for her to check and reciprocate, you can also make contact immediately by clicking on the buttons below her picture. That’s what you are unable to do in Tinder.

Faces game at asiacharm

I’ve even heard from numerous guys who found love playing Faces. So I advise you to at least try it.

Step 6. Enjoy communication with other members

You’ve checked your statistics, viewed your matches, tested all the search tools and found several women you want to communicate with. Now it’s time to start your love story.

What I like about the Asia Charm dating site most is that you can find all necessary buttons in one place. Visiting the profile of another member, you immediately see all options available.

Enjoy communication with other members asiacharm

So, what can you do here?

  • Send her an instant message of up to 300 characters using the Chat form.
  • Send her an e-mail of up to 3,500 characters where you also can add any attachment you want, using the Mail form.
  • Initiate chatting for free by sending her a winky emoticon with the Send a Wink button.
  • Show your interest without saying a word with the Like and To Favorites buttons.

More than enough to start a relationship, huh?

And later on you can take advantage of the advanced services this site offers to move your relationship to the next stage:

  • Set Up a Date. This paid service enables you to recruit the help of the site team to plan a trip and organize a romantic evening with your virtual girlfriend in her country.
  • Request Contact Details. Using this paid service, you can exchange contact details with your date in the safest way and move your communication off the site.
  • Flowers and Presents. Clicking on this button, you’re redirected to the AsiaCharm online shop, where you can buy a romantic gift for the target of your affection and order its delivery right to her door.

I used all them to impress the woman I love. And what can I say? They really work.

Step 7. Have you met “The One”?  Delete your account

It’s a very important step in a relationship that most men usually forget to take.

Guys, if you’ve really fallen in love on a dating site and want to stay in a relationship with this woman, deactivate your account once you’ve understood that you are serious.

So how to delete AsiaCharm account?

On this site, you can’t do it manually so you’ll need to contact a team member. There are two ways to do it:

  • Send an e-mail to:
  • Contact the support specialist using the pop-up Contact Us form.

Indicate the reason why you want to leave the site, and then wait for the message that your account was successfully deactivated. That’s all.

By the way, don’t hesitate to communicate with AsiaCharm support specialists. They are friendly and always ready to help. Good customer care is another advantage of a premium online dating.

Is AsiaCharm a scam?

I don’t think so. It’s a legit dating site that not only provides services of high quality, but also cares about the safety of each member.

The personal and financial information of members is guarded by a secure https:// protocol and reliable 128-bit SSL encryption. So it’s practically impossible to hack into your account and steal your bank details. That is, of course, if you’re using a secure password.

AsiaCharm also has online dating safety tips that make you aware how to spot a scammer and how to stay safe when meeting in person.

The site’s anti-scam policy encourages members to report concerns about anyone you sense could be a scammer. And the administration urgently requests reporting any suspicious situation in which money is being requested. A permanent ban is the usual punishment for members caught luring money from others. And each member who has been cheated by scammers on AsiaCharm can count on a full refund.

If you don’t want any risk at all in your pursuits, members also have the option of communicating here only with ladies who have already verified their accounts. That’s what I did. But keep in mind that you also need to prove your identity and gain the status of a validated member in kind.

I tried to describe my experience in as much detail as possible without getting too caught up. But if you need some more information, check out these reviews.

Ultimately, AsiaCharm is as fast and modern a premium dating platform as any that you’ll find on the Internet that connects like-minded people from around the world. It offers you all the tools you’ll need to start a relationship online and much more. All you need to succeed here is to open your heart to new women and give them a chance.

4 thoughts to “Step by step instructions for finding love on AsiaCharm in 2018”

  1. The most important thing is that there are no fakes here. The first day I met a girl, we communicate for the second week.

  2. To be honest, I have not visited dating sites for a long time, but my friend, still convinced me to try. The first thing I liked and did not like at the same time is the registration process. However, this is a big plus – all sorts of file accounts and frivolous men are simply swept away at once.

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Step by step instructions for finding love on AsiaCharm in 2018

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