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How to date online: a reliable recipe to nail it

How to Date Online: a Reliable Recipe to Nail it

Jordan Jenkins, 34 years old, a popular blogger, traveller, amateur photographer, and online dating expert. Jordan became the pioneer of the very first online dating apps, he’s been in a play for 13 years already! His ample experience lets him share a handful of actionable tips on how to meet people online. Moreover, how to do it flawlessly!

If you asked me how to date online, I would definitely answer that this is pretty much the same as to date offline. Still, truth to be told, there are some nuggets of information you’d better know to avoid stumbling around in the abysmal sea of enticing women. I have so many stories and tips how to date online that I’d rather write a book on the topic, but let me boil down here to 11 useful tips on really successful online dating.

#1 Set your aims properly

Sure enough, building relations with people is based on this or that aim. So before the very first signing in Tinder account, you’d rather have a clear vision of the relations you are waiting for. If you are not ready to any serious commitments and merely looking for a girl to have a good time with, don’t overcomplicate it. Don’t make this harder than it needs to be. Once you understand your genuine aim, you’ll get it easier to find your particular match.

#2 Strike up multiple connections

The more women you’ll chat with, the better for you. Simply put, the great deal of choice provides you with the chance to find the one you are looking for. At the very beginning of your online dating journey, my start here, don’t overthink it – just go and say hi to the woman you like. Definitely, new connections will empower and refresh you. One of the biggest advantages of online dating is that it makes the very process of meeting new people much simpler than in real life. Hence, when you understand that there is a mismatch between you two, just move on. No hard feeling!

#3 Create a haunting profile

Probably the worst thing you can do on online dating sites is having a dull, boring, and merely mediocre profile. See, it doesn’t work for it’s creator at all. It sucks! Unless you posted a real photo of yourself where you are a handsome hot guy with mind-blowing body, forget about hanging around with a single woman out there. You need to learn how to advertize yourself. Get rid of babble in your profile, add substance, humor, and joy, and frame all that in bite-sized sentences. No long-read. It sucks too.

#4 Winning profile photo

What is the best way to catch women attention on online dating site? Of course, to get a nice profile photo. Not just nice but catchy. Take this step of your profile filling with the utmost seriousness. There is your popularity in online dating at stake! So think twice before posting some kind of wacky and lame pictures of you. Keep in mind these golden rules of a good photo:

  1. No sunglasses
  2. No hats shading your face
  3. No fake
  4. No making faces

#5 World-old be-yourself motto

Have a clue who you are, take yourself as you are and, believe me, this self-reliance will become your ace of trumps! Do not try to act as somebody else, do not pretend being a person you are not. Know what you’re worth and act with an appropriate dignity. Such men are way too magnetic for women. I mean it!

#6 Confident vs cocksure: feel the difference

I have already told above that being confident is great. However, do not put too much focus on that. There’s got to be a healthy balance. Even when it comes to some good feature. If you are lacking confidence, you might try to imitate it nevertheless this try looks jeasly. You will act like a cocksure man which spots #1 on the list of most hated men features. And this strikes a significant difference, doesn’t it? Think about that and maybe try to turn your natural shyness into cute personal trait? This may work for you.

#7 Read profiles thoroughly

The thing you should remember about online dating is that it’s usually open as a day. Sure, there are people who like playing games and they go for story-telling. It does happen. However, the vast majority of online dating apps figures out what he or she are looking for and just going for that. That is why women usually indicate all whats and whys in their profiles. Rarely you’ll got to guess what does this woman dream of. In most cases, she states in right in her profile. Besides use your brains, intuition, imagination, and psychological approach. So keep reading!  

#8 Mr.Unclear

Once again: why are you here, who are you looking for, and for what? Everything is simple as 1-2-3. I understand, this is way to hard to stick to the single behavior line when you see so many women and the connection with them is just at your fingertips. Still, you need to figure out your priorities and appeal not to women with the same aims and interest as yours. Also don’t try to trick women by telling them some false stuff about yourself. It may work, but in most cases it doesn’t.

#9 Do not tear off your keyboard for useless texting

The name of this tip says it all. Avoid too long texting with your probable match. After all, online dating is nothing without meeting people in real world. So if you feel that something goes wrong and there is no chemistry between you, just move on. Of course, you may continue writing lovely messages. But only if you came to online dating sites to find a pen friend, not the woman of your dreams (or at least night dreams).

#10 Be happy, don’t worry

Online dating may bring into your life offline heart breaks. Sometimes it happens. But you don’t need to tie yourself up in knots. Online dating mission is to quickly connect people. No real love is possible within a short space of time, so you need to keep the chatting going by bringing in the upbeat atmosphere and positive vibe. No need to panic. The woman that cut loose from you online is definitely not the last woman you’ll adore. So keep going!

#11 Be in good spirits

Take it easy and get fun! First of all, online dating is a harmless way to bring a little more colors and emotions into your bland life. Cool, if you you find a real love in such a way. But don’t get upset if you fail. Just be positive and enjoy the process!

If you’re still hesitating how to date online properly, just give it a try and avoid tension. Take it as a new way to meet people, just chatting, texting and hanging out together with them actually matter. Very soon you will even take no notice of inching closer and closer to the aim of your genuine being here, in the world of online relations that may turn into a life-long love story.

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How to Date Online: a Reliable Recipe to Nail it

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