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4 Important Dating Tips For Shy Guys

4 Important Dating Tips For Shy Guys in 2018

Dating can be intimidating and scary especially if you are a shy guy. Outgoing guys generally have more friends, wider social circle, and have more opportunities to meet women. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that your love life has to suffer because you are naturally not an outgoing person. A lot of women, actually, prefer shy guys over extroverted men. While you don’t have to completely change yourself in order to improve your dating game, it is important to become a little less reserved. An anonymous online dating user who happens to be a person himself has shared his best dating tips for shy guys and explained how can a shy guy get a girlfriend.

Approaching women is difficult, approaching women when you are a shy guy is ten times more difficult. We all fear rejections and that’s normal, but it shouldn’t stop you from trying. Everyone gets rejected, even famous celebrities. It’s life. I used to fear rejection more than anything. I missed out on great opportunities and potential relationships because I was too afraid to ask these women out. Finally, after being single for more than ten years for that very reason, I started forcing myself and talking to women. It was very difficult at first, but it comes easier with practice. Now I have no problem asking out a woman I am interested in and guess what, I’m still the same shy guy deep inside. “Do girls like shy guys?”, of course, they do. While a louder outgoing guy will pretty much approach anything that moves, shy guys are way more selective when it comes to approaching another human being and it makes women them feel special. I decided to share my dating tips and shy guy flirting advice:

My dating advice for shy guys like me

Here are my main dating tips that shy guys should know:”

1. Hang out with your outgoing friends  Hang out with your outgoing friends

“I am so thankful for mine. They were the ones who started encouraging me to talk to women after realizing how non-existent my love life is. If you have extroverted friends, chances are, you already know how much they enjoy communicating and being around other people. Use this as an opportunity and don’t turn down their invitation to a party or a night out in the city. Stick around and you will find them and yourself surrounded by women who would love to talk to you. Remember, you shouldn’t wait for her to approach you. Women often are not aware of how to talk to a shy guy, therefore, you should man up and make the first move.”

2.  Learn from your friends

 “You don’t have to start hitting on every girl you see right away to keep up with your friends. Instead, start observing and learn how your friends act with women, how they start the conversation and what they say. Your friends are most likely more experienced than you when it comes to approaching women and you can learn a lot from their behavior.”

3. Take action Take action

“After some observation and learning, you may proceed to action, but keep these factors in mind while approaching a girl:

  • Body Language. Women frequently don’t know how to flirt with a shy guy without scaring them away, so you must act confident. Before finally approaching a woman, make sure you give out the right signals. If you tend to cross your arms a lot or stare at the ground, then it’s time to quit doing that. Your body language plays a crucial role when it comes to talking to a woman you are interested in. Make sure your posture is on point. Good posture shows that you’re a confident human being. Another tip is to always maintain eye contact with her, avoid looking around or on the floor, even if you are very nervous. Eye contact is a must.
  • Think of what you are going to say to her. Your buddy might start a conversation with a woman by complimenting her physique or use some cheesy pick-up line and it might work…BUT, it doesn’t mean that you have to do the same. Do what feels natural to you. If you think a woman has beautiful eyes, then let her know.  A simple “Hey, how are you?” is also not a bad plan. The key is to think beforehand about what you are going to say to her to avoid awkward moments.
  • Stick to your plan. So, you’ve picked a woman and know what you’re going to say to her, do it! Don’t change your mind the last minute, or you might regret it forever. If a woman rejects you, don’t take it personally. There might be millions of reasons for why she did what she did and you shouldn’t worry about it. The most important thing is that you tried and will keep trying in the future.”

More dating advice for shy guys

4. Starting a conversation Starting a conversation

“If you want to say something other than “Hey, how are you doing”, then here are the other dating tips for men and opening lines to use on a woman you just met for the first time:

  • “Cheers!” If both of you happen to have a drink in your hands, just raise yours next to hers and say the word. It’s simple and polite.
  • Ask for her opinion on something she might be interested in. Women love to talk about relationships, celebrity, gossip, fashion. Choose whichever you prefer and strike up the conversation.
  • Tell her a funny story. If she looks lonely or bored, you can approach her by saying something along the lines, “ This crazy thing happened to me this morning, you wouldn’t believe it…”. It will either work or not.  However, it’s a unique way to approach someone and she might appreciate you telling her a story instead of hearing yet another pick-up line.

Before that, you can practice by chatting with girls at online dating sites. You won’t be so nervous and have a time to think before saying. You can start your practice at this dating site.

“These are my dating tips for shy guys. Approaching women becomes easier with practice and I hope you will use my advice for your next encounter with that beautiful woman you laid your eyes on. For sure by using this tips online dating won’t sucks for you)  I wish you best of luck within your dating life, I believe in you! Visit this top of dating sites specially designed for shy folks

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4 Important Dating Tips For Shy Guys in 2018

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