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5 Most Important Facts On How Online Dating Scams Work in 2018

We join online dating sites in hopes of finally meeting the one, spending the rest of our lives together and hopefully never looking back. The last thing on our mind is getting ripped off by someone who we thought we had great chemistry going on with. Luckily, there are a few ways that can certainly help you to avoid online cash scam, survey-date scam, and seeking arrangement scam in the world of online dating.

“I have personally been the victim of online dating scam and let me tell you, this is something I would not ever wish to anyone. Part of it, of course, was my fault for being so gullible and kind-hearted. I and my “match” were chatting every day for over three weeks before the sudden announcement of her having stage three cancer and being in the need of a decent amount of money for the surgery. At this point, I was getting quite attached to the woman and her story has touched me due to losing my father and my sister to cancer before. Without any hesitation, I transferred the amount she asked me for thinking I am saving a life. Although, the moment the money has been successfully sent to her, I have never heard from the woman again. It was truly one of the most horrible things that have ever happened to me and I was want to explain how online dating scams work in order to avoid getting scammed online.

1. What’s a scam

What’s a scam

Online dating scammers are people who create dating profiles using false information and photos. They make the profile sound very interesting, often use attractive photos and indicate impressive career or education results. The goal of the online dating scammer is to receive money from you and they will do anything in order to get you to send the amount. Online dating scammers will spend a lot of time chatting with you, possibly sharing personal information and addressing his or hers strong feelings towards you, before suddenly…BAM! A personal emergency that requires a good amount of money in order to solve it and you are the only person who can help. A lot of hopeless romantics including myself fall into such traps all the time. Scammers use dating sites from the beginning of digital dating. Here are the red flags that you should definitely watch out for while using online dating sites:”

What’s a scam and what forms it may take

2. Your match asks to leave the site

Your match asks to leave the site

Leaving the site and communicating through an email or a phone number instead makes it easier for the scammer to continue to operate. He or she might come up with thousands of different excuses for why you should continue your communication elsewhere. Don’t fall for it. The reason why online dating scammers tend to leave the online dating platform is that you will not be able to report the profile on the dating site anymore as there will be no proof or screenshots of your further communication. So, for your own sake, continue chatting on the dating platform until you are absolutely sure the user you are texting with is a legit person looking for love and not  your wallet.”

3. If it sounds too good to be true, it is

If it sounds too good to be true, it is

Let’s say you are a man in your 50s with a stable income who happened to receive a message from a young attractive university student. She sounds as she is very into you by her constant flirting and sharing personal information. But why? An attractive smart girl can get dates with men of her own age, so she is talking to you for a reason. There is a high chance she is looking for a “sugar daddy” and can’t wait for you to send her that first cheque. Count the days until she asks you to cover her tuition for the next semester…”

4. The traveler 

The traveler

“Your match always seems to be traveling around the world and that’s why he or she can’t meet you. The profile has a bunch of exotic photos with a happy smiling face in all of them, expensive cars, boats, and other things. The schedule of your match is always full due to travelling. Last week it was the grandma’s birthday in Australia, this week it is a work trip to Hong Kong…but they still continue to talk to you regularly. Sounds fishy, doesn’t it? It is very likely that in the nearest future you will be asked to send money due to an “emergency”. Get out while you can!”

5.  How to report an online dating scammer

“This is the procedure on what to do if you are the victim of scammed online dating. After identifying a scammer and ending the communication, it is important to report the account to the support group of the dating site to avoid further damages and other users getting lured into the scam. Collect all of the evidence that may involve screenshots of the conversations, phone calls, photos, etc. Depending on your situation, you might have to report the incident to both: the police and the dating site. Every dating site has a safety section where you can get more information on whom to contact and what your further plan of action should be. Here is the form to report romance or dating scammers

Scam Free Sites

“To avoid being the victim of online dating scam, you should do a research on the list of fake dating sites online. There you can find users sharing their personal experience with dating platforms and indicating which sites should be avoided. Also, check out the dating sites below. I personally have used a couple of them for some time and eventually met my current girlfriend on VictoriaHearts.


“I hope my explanation on how online dating scams work was understandable and clear. I believe my simple tips will help you to avoid cruel online dating scammers. Don’t forget to check out the scam free sites above and if you have any further comments or questions, don’t hesitate to ask me. Good luck!”   

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  1. I lost some funds to a binary option scam, it’s pathetic how heartless these cryptocurrency pundits are. Thankfully I was able to recover my funds after stumbling upon a testimony of another victim of these pundits online. I am forever grateful to John for helping me out. I’m sure he could also be contacted for other forms of online scams.

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5 Most Important Facts On How Online Dating Scams Work in 2018

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