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10 Important Tips On How To Know it’s True Love

10 Important Tips On How To Know it’s True Love

What does love feel like? It can be described in various ways as everyone has their own perspective of love. Most importantly, true love is rare and special. We often might confuse true love for a strong attraction to someone, or worse, mislead true love for something else. Love can be especially difficult to identify if you have never been in love before, although it indeed is a very powerful feeling. An online dating user decided to share his advice and signs on how do you know if it’s true love: Read More

Online Dating vs Traditional Dating

Online Dating vs Traditional Dating

The question of online dating vs real life often arises among individuals from all over the world. Previous generations were only given one choice-to date offline. A traditional type of dating includes meeting a potential partner in real life situations such as through friends, family, events, school, work, etc. Online dating came around not too long ago and made dating way easier and convenient. We no longer have to go out of the house and socialize in order to meet our soulmate, we can do so by sitting in front of the computer screen and scan through a variety of profiles. Which one is better? Well, an online dating expert has compared both types of dating and came up with the following conclusion about online dating vs traditional dating:

I consider myself experienced when it comes to dating after being in five serious relationships. I’ve met women in real life as well as online. In fact, I met three of my ex-girlfriends on dating sites and the other two I met through my friends. There were ups and downs in each of the relationships I’ve had which, of course, is completely normal and acceptable regardless of the way I met them. I don’t have a favorite method of dating and enjoy both ways of meeting women. However, I definitely noticed some similarities between online dating and traditional dating as well as the differences.

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5 Most Important Facts On How Online Dating Scams Work in 2018

We join online dating sites in hopes of finally meeting the one, spending the rest of our lives together and hopefully never looking back. The last thing on our mind is getting ripped off by someone who we thought we had great chemistry going on with. Luckily, there are a few ways that can certainly help you to avoid online cash scam, survey-date scam, and seeking arrangement scam in the world of online dating.

“I have personally been the victim of online dating scam and let me tell you, this is something I would not ever wish to anyone. Part of it, of course, was my fault for being so gullible and kind-hearted. I and my “match” were chatting every day for over three weeks before the sudden announcement of her having stage three cancer and being in the need of a decent amount of money for the surgery. At this point, I was getting quite attached to the woman and her story has touched me due to losing my father and my sister to cancer before. Without any hesitation, I transferred the amount she asked me for thinking I am saving a life. Although, the moment the money has been successfully sent to her, I have never heard from the woman again. It was truly one of the most horrible things that have ever happened to me and I was want to explain how online dating scams work in order to avoid getting scammed online. Read More

7 Tips On How To Talk To Girls Online

7 Tips On How To Talk To Girls Online in 2018

Starting a conversation with a girl is intimidating. Fortunately, the existence of social media and dating sites made it a lot easier. There are a lot of dating websites and social media platforms where you can meet and chat with women at any time you want by simply sending a short greeting. You have a lot of options when it comes to women and facing rejection is definitely easier in front of the computer screen. An online dating expert has shared his advice on how to talk to girls online the right way. Read More

4 Important Dating Tips For Shy Guys

4 Important Dating Tips For Shy Guys in 2018

Dating can be intimidating and scary especially if you are a shy guy. Outgoing guys generally have more friends, wider social circle, and have more opportunities to meet women. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that your love life has to suffer because you are naturally not an outgoing person. A lot of women, actually, prefer shy guys over extroverted men. While you don’t have to completely change yourself in order to improve your dating game, it is important to become a little less reserved. An anonymous online dating user who happens to be a person himself has shared his best dating tips for shy guys and explained how can a shy guy get a girlfriend.

Approaching women is difficult, approaching women when you are a shy guy is ten times more difficult. We all fear rejections and that’s normal, but it shouldn’t stop you from trying. Everyone gets rejected, even famous celebrities. It’s life. I used to fear rejection more than anything. I missed out on great opportunities and potential relationships because I was too afraid to ask these women out. Finally, after being single for more than ten years for that very reason, I started forcing myself and talking to women. It was very difficult at first, but it comes easier with practice. Now I have no problem asking out a woman I am interested in and guess what, I’m still the same shy guy deep inside. “Do girls like shy guys?”, of course, they do. While a louder outgoing guy will pretty much approach anything that moves, shy guys are way more selective when it comes to approaching another human being and it makes women them feel special. I decided to share my dating tips and shy guy flirting advice: Read More

9 Rules For Dating My Daughter in 2017

With all the mobile phones, online dating and social media it is very hard to keep track of our young daughters. At this age, they are very likely to experience their first love and possibly even a heartbreak. As much as we wish we could protect them, it is simply not possible. Young boys can be extremely persistent and immature. A dad who has 3 daughters has shared his personal rules for dating my daughter.

“I remember myself at that age. I and my friends always tried to score girls and competed with each other all the time. I was young and reckless. I broke hearts and got my heart broken. I’m definitely not proud of that and want to do everything I can to protect my daughters from boys like that. Having 3 daughters is not easy. Currently, all of them have boyfriends and all of them obey my rules. Here are my simple rules for dating my daughter:” Read More

8 best tips on how to pick up older ladies

8 Best Tips on How to Pick Up Older Ladies in 2017

Older women dating comes with pros. They have a lot of life experience and you can always learn something new and be a better person. Older ladies are more mature and serious than younger women, but they could also be fun!  If you are looking for a serious relationship, dating older women could be a great idea. An online dating expert wanted to share his advice on how to get a cougar and score yourself a nice older lady.

“I never really considered dating an older woman until 2 years ago. I always went for younger women or ladies who were the same age as me but that’s it. Dating an older lady sounded a bit strange to me and I assumed they wouldn’t like me anyway. However, sometimes I would catch myself thinking, “Do older women like younger men?” One day I decided to give it a try and created an online dating profile. That is how I met Maria. She was beautiful on all of her photos and her profile was very interesting. I sent her a message despite the fact that she was 15 years older than and never regretted it once. She is kind, funny, ambitious and very outgoing. We are now in a happy long-term relationship. I believe this was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. Perhaps, it could be yours too. And that’s why I decided to share my tips on how to pick up older ladies.” Read More

Top 13 long distance relationship activities

Top 13 Long Distance Relationship Activities

Long distance relationship can often be tough and complicated due to not seeing your partner as often as you would like to. Constant online chatting and Skype calls can get boring after a while. However, one of the online dating experts has come up with the best long distance relationship activities that will keep your relationship fulfilling.

“I have been in a long distance relationship for over 2 years with my current girlfriend. We’ve met at this online dating site. After a few months of chatting, we start living together. But she moved away to another country in a different continent due to a job opportunity. Luckily, we now finally bought our first house together, so no more long distance.

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10 best flirty questions to ask a girl on the online dating site

10 Best Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl on the Online Dating Site

It can often be difficult to come up with the right words when talking to a girl online. Especially if you are looking for something serious, the right questions and the flow of the conversation is crucial to success. Fortunately for all of you men out here, one of the online dating users decided to share his personal experience and picked out the best flirty questions to ask a girl you like:   

“Hello, readers! As someone who had used various kinds of dating sites for quite some time, I would like to pass on my knowledge and tips to you all. I joined the online dating sites a few years ago and chatted with a lot of women, went on a dozen of dates until I met my now-wife. It was quite hard at first, not knowing what is the best thing to ask or say to a woman. I have realized that some questions are better to ask in real life, than online and visa versa. Read More