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Online Dating vs Traditional Dating

The question of online dating vs real life often arises among individuals from all over the world. Previous generations were only given one choice-to date offline. A traditional type of dating includes meeting a potential partner in real life situations such as through friends, family, events, school, work, etc. Online dating came around not too long ago and made dating way easier and convenient. We no longer have to go out of the house and socialize in order to meet our soulmate, we can do so by sitting in front of the computer screen and scan through a variety of profiles. Which one is better? Well, an online dating expert has compared both types of dating and came up with the following conclusion about online dating vs traditional dating:

I consider myself experienced when it comes to dating after being in five serious relationships. I’ve met women in real life as well as online. In fact, I met three of my ex-girlfriends on dating sites and the other two I met through my friends. There were ups and downs in each of the relationships I’ve had which, of course, is completely normal and acceptable regardless of the way I met them. I don’t have a favorite method of dating and enjoy both ways of meeting women. However, I definitely noticed some similarities between online dating and traditional dating as well as the differences.

Online dating pros and cons


  • You only meet people who are single. There are a lot of pros and cons of the internet. Although, one of the biggest pros of the internet when it comes to dating is presenting single people in your area. In online dating, you will only see and chat with people who are single. Well, there is always a chance of a cheating wife or a girlfriend, but it’s rare. There are millions of singles on dating sites. You can look through their photos, personal information and chose the ones who are similar to you.
  • Online dating is popular. A lot of couples meet online and you most likely have a friend or two who met his or her partner online. It’s proven to be working with other people. There are tons of success stories of happy couples and useful tips on the internet that will motivate you and help you to succeed. Here are some popular dating sites:
  • It’s convenient. You can meet another person online at any time of the day by using your mobile phone or computer. You don’t have to spend your energy and money on getting ready and going out in hopes of meeting The One. It’s super easy and fast to meet new people online. This type of dating is especially useful for individuals with busy lives who don’t have a lot of free time to socialize in real life.


  • Catfishing and scam. I consider this is one of the biggest disadvantages of online dating. There is always a possibility to become a victim of scam or catfishing in online dating. It is very easy to create a fake dating profile and chat with other users online. There has been plenty of cases when people got scammed online due to being naive and generous.
  • Online dating makes you picky. Due to being exposed to a large number of users on dating sites, you can easily become picky and start narrowing down your search criteria to a specific age limit, height, income. It’s frustrating and you can miss an opportunity to meet someone special due to your own limitations, because, again, there are way too many people to choose from and it’s frustrating.

Online dating vs traditional dating statistics

Online dating


  • The Knot has recently surveyed more than 14,000 couples and 19% of brides have reported that they met their partner online. The percentage number has increased by nearly 5% since 2015.
  • In 2017, online dating became a $3 billion dollar industry, which is a massive result, considering it has only been around for a couple of decades.
  • It has been proven that couples that meet online tend to get serious and eventually married quicker than the ones who met traditionally and are less likely to end the marriage within the first year.

Traditional dating

The definition of traditional dating is meeting your partner face-to-face rather than online and building a relationship through real-life interactions.


  • It is more comfortable. Mutual friends make you feel more comfortable and secure when to comes to dating. Knowing that your friends are also familiar with the person is one of the main advantages of traditional dating.
  • Real life chemistry. Unlike online dating, you will know right away whether there is chemistry between you two or not.

17% of couple interviewed by The Knot stated that they met through mutual friends, 15% met in college, and 12% met at work.  


  • People shyer in real life. It is way easier to ask someone out online than in person. There is always a chance of missing the opportunity to make the first move.
  • Unclear relationship status. In real life, it is not always as easy to determine whether the person you are interested is single or not. The only way to find out is to ask them straight up. Although, not everyone has the balls to do it.
  • Fear of rejection. It feels worse to get rejected by someone you met through mutual friends, work, school than by a random woman online. You will have to face that person in real life and it will be awkward.  

This is my opinion on online dating vs traditional dating. Both methods have their pros and cons. Although, I advise you to try both of the methods and see what might come out of it. I wish you good luck and hope you find that special someone soon!  

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Online Dating vs Traditional Dating

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