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Top 13 long distance relationship activities

Top 13 Long Distance Relationship Activities

Long distance relationship can often be tough and complicated due to not seeing your partner as often as you would like to. Constant online chatting and Skype calls can get boring after a while. However, one of the online dating experts has come up with the best long distance relationship activities that will keep your relationship fulfilling.

“I have been in a long distance relationship for over 2 years with my current girlfriend. We’ve met at this online dating site. After a few months of chatting, we start living together. But she moved away to another country in a different continent due to a job opportunity. Luckily, we now finally bought our first house together, so no more long distance.

I am not going to lie, it was not easy and there were times when I felt frustrated and upset with my situation. Although, I have found a way to keep my relationship fun by doing a variety of different activities with my partner even when there was a long distance between us. I decided to share my long distance relationship ideas with you guys to make your online dating journey more interesting and successful.  

Online dating activities

  1. Exchange giftsExchange gifts

Long distance relationship gifts are a lovely way to show your significant other that you are thinking of them. Go ahead and surprise your loved one with a cute bouquet of flowers or maybe his or her favorite chocolate? Be creative ;)”.

  1. Watch the same movie or a TV show while on SkypeWatch the same movie or a TV show while on Skype

Would you like to go on a virtual movie date? Pick a movie or a TV show, which is even better and watch it together while on Skype. This will give you an opportunity to keep chatting about what is happening in the movie or discuss your favorite characters. It almost feels like a real-life date.”

  1. Play online games togetherPlay online games together

Long distance relationship games have always been one of the top activities couples do together. I know some friends who met their other half while playing online games such as League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm. There are many online games that will keep you busy.”

  1. Create a bucket listCreate a bucket list

This is also a very fun activity. Perhaps there are some things you would like to do together when you meet again. Creating a bucket list will make your next visit even more thrilling. Maybe the both of you would like to go cliff diving or attend a rodeo.  Anything is possible.”

  1. Pick a recipe and cook it togetherPick a recipe and cook it together

Cooking the same dish together is quite exciting. You can update one another on your progress by phone or Skype and then enjoy the delicious dinner together as a date. Add candles and wine to make it even more romantic”.

  1. Take an online classTake an online class

You can workout together at home by watching the same video, it could be yoga or other fitness related exercises. Perhaps you would like to take the same learning class instead? That way you will also have plenty of study dates while learning something interesting.”

  1. Listen to the same musicListen to the same music

To make your Skype dates more entertaining, consider playing some music and maybe even sing the lyrics together. This activity is especially fun when you have similar taste in music. Do not be afraid to show some dance moves too.”

  1. Write a journal togetherWrite a journal together

“Create a Word file or use any other program you would like and start writing journal entries together. Both of you get to share anything you want by writing in it. It could be your thoughts, feelings, stories, jokes or something else. Writing a journal together will make amazing memories to look back to. Now imagine reading  the journal 20 years from now, I am certain it would put a smile on your face.

  1. Read a bookRead a book

Choose a book that both of you would like and start reading. You can update each other on your opinion or thoughts about the book. This activity will keep you busy and productive.”

  1. Create a digital photo album

    Create a digital photo album

“There are a lot of free sites on the internet that allow you to make and share your photo album. Both of you can share photos of your time spent together or any other great pictures you would like your significant other to see. You can also add funny captions to your photos. Creating an album will result in endless memories and positive emotions.

  1. Make a tradition during online datingMake a tradition during online dating

Pick one day of the week when you will do something together on the ongoing basis. It could be a breakfast date or maybe watching your favorite series. That way you will have something to look forward to and who does not like traditions?:).”

  1. Go on a virtual trip togetherGo on a virtual trip together

“Personally, I think this is one of the best long distance relationship date ideas ever. If you are not able to go on a vacation with your partner anytime soon, you can definitely go on a virtual one instead. Anything is possible with Google these days. Pick a destination, go to  Google Maps and start exploring together!

  1. Plan your next vacationPlan your next vacation

Now that you have explored the world via Google Maps, it is maybe the time both of   you to start planning your next vacation together. This is certainly a very exciting activity. Make sure that you do some research and plan it carefully to make the most of your time together.”

I hope you enjoyed reading my list of long distance relationship activities. I know a lot of people are skeptical about long distance relationships, but coming from my own experience, anything is possible if the effort is being put. It is the little things that matter the most. Please, find some time and organize a lovely date with your significant other. But if you don’t have yet a girl, find my tips how to find love onlineI promise it is a lot of fun and quite romantic too.


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Top 13 Long Distance Relationship Activities

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