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Victoria the dating site that helped a guy from Montreal find his love

VictoriaBrides Dating Site













  • Attractive design and easy navigation.
  • The ability to not only start a long-distance relationship, but also develop it.
  • The ability to meet thousands of classy, marriage-quality women


  • Annoying pop-up notifications if you don’t set up automatic payments
  • Expensive prices (but they truly help filter out the weirdos)

Until last year, I didn’t understand why online dating is so popular. But then my girlfriend cheated on me, and I became a single man again. You know, after eight years of being in a relationship, it’s incredibly hard to build confidence and start fresh. I found online dating to be the only way out of loneliness for me. But the free sites disappointed me. I met so many freaks that I almost gave up hoping for love.

Fortunately, my best friend sent me a link to a Victoria Brides review and hope returned to a lonely guy from Montreal. This international premium dating platform was exactly what I was looking for. As a person with Ukrainian roots, I was always intrigued by the prospect of a romantic relationship with a Ukrainian woman. From firsthand experience, I knew them to be feminine, classy and, of course, extremely attractive. Victoria Brides helped me turn this dream into reality and meet my Kiev love without leaving Canada. That’s why I decided to write my own review to acquaint you with this site.

Who will you meet on VictoriaBrides?

When I logged in from my Montreal apartment for the first time, I wasn’t convinced that I’d be encountering a higher caliber of women. What gave me hope was that they were ready to pay to meet their future husbands. As I said earlier, VictoriaBrides is a premium dating site. It means that each message, minute in live chat or virtual gift costs you some money.

But after several chats with VictoriaBrides women, I understood that this site is a hub for hopeless romantics. The average female member believes in love, dreams of meeting her Mr. Right and is ready to start a long-distance relationship with him.

VictoriaBrides girls

Meanwhile, the average male member of VictoriaBrides is a guy from a city like Ottawa, Paris, London or New York who is tired of hookups and thinks he is ready to get married.

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And once two “average” people encounter each other, they have a greater chance of success as their goals are the same.

How to become a member of VictoriaBrides?

Joining VictoriaBrides is free as hundreds of lovebirds from Canada, the U.S., the U.K., and other European countries are creating accounts daily, at any time of the day and night. All you need to do is just enter some basic information into a sign-up form on the main page. This information includes:

  • Your sex;
  • Your partner’s sex;
  • Your first name;
  • Your date of birth;
  • Your valid e-mail address;
  • Your safe and unique password.

As you see, this site allows you to keep your privacy. You don’t need to share your last name, place of work, or links to your social media profiles to become a member of VictoriaBrides. However, some of the advanced services the site offers require you to confirm your ID.

VictoriaBrides ID confirmation

But even in this situation, the information you provide is visible only to the administration.

Once you’ve filled in the sign-up form (which takes about three minutes), you need to make your account visible to the site’s ladies by clicking on a simple link provided by a confirmation e-mail.

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Then you will be asked to complete two questionnaires. The first asks details about your dream woman, and the second asks for information about yourself. When I first signed on, I skipped them all, which was a big mistake. It caused Victoria Brides to generate for me matches of women in their late 30s from Canada (been there, done that) when I was looking for a 25-year-old beauty from Ukraine. So in order to save time and money, I recommend completing these questionnaires as thoroughly as possible, as well as posting the best photos you have.

VictoriaBrides registration process

The site allows you to upload both professional photos and those you’ve taken with your webcam. But choosing high-quality photos gets you more attention from VictoriaBrides ladies.

So why buy a subscription?

Congratulations! Following these steps, you’ve now a member of one of the most popular premium dating sites on the web. Now you can use its search engine and filter the profiles of thousands of ladies. If you want a woman of a certain age, you need only to enter it in a simple search. But if you want a woman from a particular country or certain religion, there’s the extended search. For my purposes of finding a Ukrainian woman, VictoriaBrides has amazing depth (more than a thousand) and is among the best sources on the web, if not THE BEST.

If you particularly admire beautiful faces (that Ukrainian women are famous for), you need to check out VictoriaBrides’ Faces tool that you won’t find on most other sites. It allows you to view profile pictures of random beauties and indicate your interest by liking them. Incredibly enough, I found that the majority responded to my Like in one way or another.

VictoriaBrides like

What else can you do for free? Nothing. No ability to respond to contact. No messages. No chatting. No gifts. All these options are available only to members with Premium status. You can easily get started by clicking on the Upgrade Your Account button and paying $9.99. Premium status will enable you to not only view all your statistics (which is available for free), but also read these incoming messages and respond to them. For this initial payment, you will also get 20 “credits,” which is the currency the site’s members use to pay for its services.

However, you’ll find out that 20 credits doen’t get you very far. They can evaporate as quickly as a half hour if you’re chatting with several women at once. On VictoriaBrides, you will need to pay for each letter you send and for each minute in live chat you spend. While you could up spending a lot, these prices serve the purpose of forcing its members to use their time efficiently and not indulge in pointless flirtations or games.

How to start a relationship on Victoria Brides if you’re in Canada and your romance is on another continent?

When I went Premium, I was able to read all the letters accumulated over several days. I was blown away having discovered nearly 15 incoming messages on my first day on the site.

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The first message I received on VictoriaBrides was from a lady in Ottawa. It was an intimate letter. A bit too intimate. And after reading it, I figured out what she was about and understood she wasn’t what I was looking for. And that’s OK. You should be ready to get many messages from all kinds of women. Some of them will be your type, others won’t. It’s up to you to decide which women are worth pursuing.

I chose not to waste time on the women that didn’t meet my standards from the outset. Instead, I wrote lots of first messages to the sexiest of women I’d found using the site’s extended search. And this tactic bore fruit. After nearly twenty chats with women, who were admittedly attractive but didn’t create much of a spark, I finally met Olga. This woman stole my heart. She was laid back, funny, and delightful to interact with, without any friction. For the first time in my life, I met someone that I felt I had known for all my life, a feeling others described to me but couldn’t relate to. That is, until VictoriaBrides.

First Olga and I exchanged letters, and then we moved into a live chat. When I understood that I was falling in love, I ordered her flowers, delivered through the site’s system. I think it made our relationship more real. Within a month, we both confirmed our ID and ordered the Exchange Contacts service. And now, after nine months of a virtual relationship a few weekends in Kiev (thanks to the Victoria Brides Set up a Date service), she eventually found work in Montreal and moved into my apartment.  

Positives and negatives of VictoriaBrides

So to sum it all up, here are the pros and cons of Victoria Brides:


  • Attractive design and easy navigation.
  • The ability to not only start a long-distance relationship, but also develop it.
  • The ability to meet thousands of classy, marriage-quality women.


  • Annoying pop-up notifications if you don’t set up automatic payments.
  • Expensive prices (but they truly help filter out the weirdos).

So that’s an overview of my experience with, thanks to which another couple is strolling the romantic streets of Montreal, arm-in-arm with their eyes locked. So if you are still skeptical that online dating doesn’t work after reading this VictoriaBrides review, what I can stress above all is you’ve got to go premium to get success. And if you ever chose to make the investment, this is the place to go.

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  1. I think this is due to the fact that the registration on the site is multistage and quite competently compiled. Thanks to this, I quickly found “my” people with similar hobbies.

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Victoria the dating site that helped a guy from Montreal find his love

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